Day Dreamer
September 11, 2008, 3:04 pm
Filed under: Known faces, Life

Oh my legs hurt. I and H have walked
from Moster and home!
But it’s weird that I’m so tired,
because we have walked that distance
so many times…
But its so^^

The other thing I have done today is watch the
new Gossip Girl and 90210:D
Those shows are so good.
I dream away every time! All the people there are so
beautiful and talented,
they have really cool clothes and really cool friends.
On GG they have all those super cool and expensive
fashion clothes!
I wold so wish I have the money for that!
I have read that in one day on the set Blake Lively
used a coat that costs 50 000 Nor kr :o And I love almost all the clothes
that Blake use, she have so good taste!One of the things I like the most
with TV-shows like that is that all the characters have really fun and
action filled life. They always live in the city and stuff.
I really want to live in the city, here were I live it doesn’t
happen anything.
All the people just sit inside watch TV,
plays WoW or is on the course and play football. Booring.
Blake Lively! I love her style:D

She is so good as an actress, and is going to be so big!:D
I’m so looking forward to the weekend.
Me and my BFF H are going to a camp.
I hope there will be lots of cute guys there:D<3
Now I have got so go packing.
See ya later!

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