Home Sweet Home
September 15, 2008, 4:06 pm
Filed under: Life

Yesterday I and H came home from the camp at ‘Solgry’. We had a fantastic weekend! So many new people and lots of fun! The only bad thing was the leaders, they was so hard. We hadn’t allowed doing anything after midnight… But the first night we don’t listened, first we dyed our friend’s hair. It turned out really nice! And after we ran out, and met people. But later the leaders came and run after us, they got really mad.
The next night we actually slept all night, no one dared to go out.
In the days it was a lot of activities to do like go-carts, canoe, golf, trampoline, volleyball and much more. It was so fun!
I and H are so going to another of these camps! :D

Today I have been at school. So boring, nothing ever happens. We even had Spanish! But after school me and my friend M ran home, grabbed our bags and take a bike to the bus that goes to Stord. There we meet H that just had had her hair cut. It looked a bit short, but cool. She didn’t like it, but she are going tot used to it :) When we had met her we went to a really good kebab place. I love kebab! It’s so good.
After we had eaten we went to lots of shops and bay some stuff. I’d bay an Isadora mineral powder and a body lotion that was a mistake. I thought it was perfume, and I don’t get to change it. Hate that woman!
But after all we had a pretty great time, did lots of fun stuff. Hope we going to do it again sometime! Me M and H=D

Tonight at TV I going to see Top Model! Looking forward:))


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