Chill and Watch
September 17, 2008, 5:19 pm
Filed under: Life

Hello! Today I have chilled all day long ;) Watching movies and cleaning my room. So now u got to know what happened^^
Gossip Girl S2E3:
It’s a lot of love going on! N and V got back together, S and D are showing their love in public, B and the lord are having a great time, and C are getting jealous. How it going to be?
Yes, with N and V it’s ok. The only thing is that when they r going to meet he never can, and in the party B is having, she invited N, V and D. D is the married woman N is having an afear with. This is totally not good when both of the woman shows up, and find out about each other. But in the end N doesn’t have a choice, because D tells V that if N leaves her, she will tell the FBI about his father. So V decided to leave, so N and D could be together. But in the end, who is he going to end up with?
And S and D that just have came back together are getting a lots of advarsla from people that r thinking they are getting back together a bit soon, and r they?
They both love each other, but are they going to sort out their difficulties? We’ll get to see.
B and the lord are having time, but is B getting all she wants? She is trying to get it, but then she ends up with making out with C. He is not over her yet. When that happened the lord came into the room and saw them. B ran after him and they seemed cool, but are it going to last? And this is bad for C, is he going to make it? And who is that girl in the end?
Well we got to see,

I also saw OTH S6E3 today there it was so sad! It was about Q death and funeral, all the people that was sad for him and all the things around it. I dared all are going to cry! I surtenly did. But you have to see for yourself.
I recommend it!
And I also recommend 90210, it’s the best!


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