September 18, 2008, 11:11 am
Filed under: Life

I’m so tired today! I have no idea why. I have gone to bed early every day this week, and not get up so early… but hope it goes over.
In school it was so boring. We didn’t do anything useful. The only thing I and H actually did all day was a bit Spanish and got some help from our Spanish teacher. She is actually okey, but is really bad to teach other the thing she can, and she just care to much to be a teacher. Yesterday did M leave to some place near Oslo, where her grandmother lives. She have her 70 birthday this year, so M and her family are there to celebrate. When M is away it is more boring at school than it’s used to. Suck.
When I came home from school today I took some food, and went to my room and the computer. I watched a movie, and fell asleep. I’m so sleepy.
I also checked out some things about DC shoes. They are just the best and coolest shoes ever! And I’m getting a new pair I have one pair of white with pink on, and these I’m going to bay is black and white. The only thing is that the page I found them on doesn’t sell things to people outside the US, but now I have found a new site that does! So I’m very happy: D Soon I’m going to bay them.
Now I have to go^^ I shall actually sew something on one of my tees.
See ya.


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