September 26, 2008, 10:19 pm
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Oh, now it’s a long time since I last write. So today I decided to do it. I read my friend H’s blog for a few days ago and it really gets me. What is my goal? And are I a dreamer?
Yes! Sarah is really a dreamer, there I said it. I’m a dreamer.
I dream of all sorts of things, friendship, family and even clothes sometimes, but most life, my life and how it going to be. In the feature I see myself as a career woman, with a beautiful husband and kids, and a big house near the city.
If it goes after this dream of mine, my real life will start next year, when I begin at media and communication. There I will spend three wonderful years of my life, with my best friend H I hope. The next things I dream about are traveling to England and go to a university there. Maybe in London, Oxford of Brighton, who knows? And in all these time I’m going to find my prince, and hopefully get married. In some while maybe some kids too, but that is a long time to.
I also hope to travel a
lot around the world in my life, see the world you know. Maybe to New York, Milan, Paris, Cuba, L.A, but my highest dream in life is to do the things I love. A great career in a known magazine maybe, backstage in a show at the television, in a newspaper or maybe on line at a web page, the only thing I know is that I want to work in the media and have a job I can have it fun with. Other than that my main goal is to have a great and good life. I’m going to chase my goal into I reach it. I hope my destiny is the same as my dream, I hope is it going to work it that way. In all these years one of the things I hope the most for is to stay in touch with my friends, I love them so much. They and my family mean the world to me right now, and how I’m going to reach my dreams and goals without them? I have no idea.
I’m going to set up a list of important things that is important for my life. Here is the things I’m going to do this and next year, at least the things I know:

Get great grades

Get good mock exam result

Apply to high school

Get really good exam results


Language travel to England with H<3

Begin at my new school

So this is those things I’m going to spend my life on these next months, at least the school stuff.
Other than that I’m going to spend time with my friends and do fun stuff, you know my 15th birthday is soon coming up. And about that, we are going to see ‘Fritt Vilt2’ at bomlo kulturhus at 20:30pm. Looking forward to: D

Today at school we have sold pizza, I and H are the leaders. It went pretty good, other than we had a few pizzas left… but we are going to sell that too some time, so watch out^^
I have to recommend a song to you, Noddy Theme^^ It is really good, and it just sticks to your head.

“Noddy (noddy), the little men with a red and yellow car…”


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when we´re going to brighton, were gonna have so much fun:D

Comment by H

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