September 29, 2008, 7:45 pm
Filed under: Life

Now it is a really long time since I have wrote something, over a week. It’s because of my computer, it just fucks itself up! Sucker thing! But now are I’m back again, on wordpress now^^ I deleted my other page.
Last week I have been to Stord once, there I and H was baying kebab. I have also been to a mountain trip on Wednesday; I thought it was going to be so boring. But when I came to the top it was the best: D Up to the top I walked with one of my best friends M, we two are the best when it comes to mountains. We have walked so many times together, and she makes all the trips fun!
Other than I hav
e had visit of one of my oldest friends Mon Friday, we haven’t talked in a long time so that’s was fun^^ we dressed us all up, and went to ‘Ten-lag’ That is a local arrangement for teens there both of us are members of the board. We are helping with activities and stuff. After most of the people there was went home I and H walked to ‘Moster’ in really high killing heals. Just some steps it those heals and your legs are hurting. And in exactly those heels I walked over 5km! OMG!
On Saturday I was babysitting at my aunt’s place. Those kids are so cute, so that isn’t a problem. Sunday I and my family went to HGSD and picked up mom, and did some fun stuff. I got new DC shoes, and I love them<3

Yesterday I was at school, boring. We went to ‘Bremnes’ and watched some short movies, most of them was really boring, but some funny. When we came home I went to M’s place. We have it so great together, but now he always is with his girlfriend. But I’m going to make him to be with me too sometimes^^ after a while we got a visit from T, and the three of us went to a game. Our team won 3-1: D
And today I just have a chilling day. Just chill all day long, everybody need some days like that sometimes ;)


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