The bottle post
October 5, 2008, 9:11 pm
Filed under: Movies and shows

To night I saw the most wonderful romantic movie, called ‘Flaskeposten’ translated The bottle post. The movie was a bit old fashion but the characters and the story was so cute.
It was about this man(Garret) who lost his wife but he didn’t manage to let go of her. He became a really reserved man, who totally stopped his social life. The thing he continued with was sending bottle posts to hie dead wife, and these bottle posts was found of an other woman(Theresa). These women thought these post was so beautiful that she went looking for the man. After a while see found him and they were meant to be!<3
They came up in an argue and she left for good. But next day Garret went out in he’s boat to send the last bottle post and let go of his dead wife, so he could be with these new woman.

Out on the sea there was an bout that had some trouble and was on the way to drown. Garret decided to help the people, so he jumped out in the water. Out there he drowned! So its an very sad end, not like it shoud be with the to people married.
This is a movie worth seeing. I can assure you to both laugh and cry!

‘A history about lost and found love’


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