October 10, 2008, 3:26 pm
Filed under: Life

Yesterday I, H and M was in Bergen. I had an appointment with Dana hairdresser and other than that we shopped.
I went up really early, at 06:00 am. We went to the ferry at 08:00 am and got to Bergen 09:30 am.
After this we went a bit around in the city and looked. A bit later we got hungry, OMG it was hard to find a place to eat! But after a while we got us some nasty food, H gave hers to the birds.


At three a clock I went for the hairdresser and H and M went to bay a present to my birthday. I’m so looking forward to see what it is, because I’m so curious that if I know there is an secret I hate to don’t know what it is.

After the hairdresser I looked in the mirror and I totally hate it, but now I’m starting to get used to it. I just don’t like the front. It is just not me, my hair is always curly and without a system and this is just not it. So I’m going to wait a long long time to cut my hair at a hairdresser again. I’m going to let it grow out and be long and curly again!

Out of this trip I got an really cute dress ‘the little black‘ and two sweatshirts, one black

with come blue on it end one with some different colors. I also found a really cool jacket from Vodcom and a nice green snowboard pants that I wish for my birthday.


I loved tis trip, so exiting! We have to do it again sometime: D



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the birds went crazy! i thought that they were going to snap the rest of my food out my hands, that was a little scary, but we had a really great time in bergen;) and your hair turned beautiful<3

Comment by helene

Yes Helene;D The birds went creasy becaus of YOU:D And yes :D We had a GREAT time;D All though i was a bit tired when i got home, but it was whorth it:D

Comment by Maria:D

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