Gossip Girl
October 12, 2008, 12:24 am
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One of the stars in Gossip Girl – Blake Lively are one of Hollywood’s hottest it-girls now days.
Personally I love her look. Beautiful hair, clothes and body.

Her real life don’t have a lot in common with her character in Gossip Girl. At the same time as her character Serena van der Woodsen drinks champagne and wears designer clothes, was Blake extremely active and was a part of several teems like the cheerleader squad and the school choir.

“I’m a shy person. there’s nothing better than staying home and watching good movies. Some people want to go out and dance every night. I want to sit at home, cuddle, and bake cookies.”

Blake start acting because of her brother, he recommend her to play some rolls and got his manager to sent here some scripts. She got her first part in The sisterhood of traveling pants and now she has just finished The sisterhood of traveling pants 2.

At the love life part Blake has it fantastic. She is together with Penn Badgley who plays her boyfriend, Dan Humphrey in the series.

“I have never been so happy as I am now.”

Blake have an incredible good taste of style. She are a women that can wear everything and still look beautiful. Blake knows exactly what type of clothes that fits her and what she like, she have a lots of different styles.
When it comes to make-up she don’t use so much. Her lips are often just a bit color on and she focus on the eyes. She looks beautiful.
There are a lot of girls all over the world that love her style, I myself are green of envy.

7 things you didn’t know about Blake Lively

– She have only kissed tree boys in her life (without those on set)
– She have never went a day without chocolate
– She don’t drink
– Her nickname is Whitney Fonda
– She went th 13 different schools when she grown up
– Her dogs name is Penny
– She mostly hang out with boys


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