October 25, 2008, 7:38 pm
Filed under: Life

Yesterday was a so cute day! I and my friends went to ‘ten-lag’. There we played pool, ate some candy and talked to a lot of people.
On our way home we totally had the greatest time. We were holding around each other when we sang: D We totally connected, and everybody had a great time.
“There’s a hope inside of me,
I just want to be free.
There’s a hope inside of us,
I don’t want to get lost.
Let me hold your little hand and make you understand,
That I will always be a friend.”

After we went to MR’s place and watched a movie, The Amityville of Horror. I and H have seen it before. When the movie started and the light was turned off, I became so sleepy. So I slept through the whole movie, but I hade a great night anyway.




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Comment by helene

Lala :D<3

Comment by chicdestiny

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