My work days
October 29, 2008, 7:48 pm
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The two first days of this week I have been in Oslo and worked in TV2. It has been really cool! I have got to watch several shows, when they went direct an I sat in the studio, and when they was taping it and I sat in the control room. I have also been on meetings, interview, at the parliament, meet many new people and much more. It has been so fun and I hope I can do something like that again.
When I was there I have learned many things about running a TV-channel, these is something I think is very interesting. Maybe I going to work here someday, who knows? It is sure one of the things I could like to do.
They also have a web site there where they write and publish all their news stories.
At my work period I got really updated on news, I read so much papers and stuff. So now I have decided to keep updated because it really is interesting to know what happens in your country and in the world. Check
At the end this has been a really good experience and I have learned a lot of it. Now my dream of working in the media business is even stronger.



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you are so lucky, I had to work at a silly little advertisement agency and you worked at tv2, oh my god!!

Comment by helene

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