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January 27, 2009, 5:36 pm
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Update on my life.

I’m still a student in 10th grade, but now lately I have begun really looking forward to begin another place. I have decided where I’m going to apply, and are actually quite ready.
I’m going to apply to Media and Communication as my first choice at public school, and study specialising on my second and third choice.
But what I’m hoping the most to get into is ‘Lundanestet’, a private boarding school. I think it seems so nice to go there, because you have all your school mates around the same area and it just seems like a really good community. I’m also really ready to move away from this place. I have lived here my whole life so I know who everyone is, and every place and corner around here. So I will say that I’m quite ready to find some new excitement, people and fun some other place. At least for a year.
Other then school there isn’t much excitement. Not that school is so exiting either… Lately I have been using much of my time study, but there have still been some room for friends and family at the evening.

Though there is one thing in really excited about, and that is my language travel. I’m going to Brighton the June 30. All by myself, and stay there for three weeks in a host family. There I’m hoping to meet many new people and learn English better. Just wish me luck.

– Sarah



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åå, jeg har utrolig lyst til å dra på språkreise men får ikke lov enda;( er 14 da, så får kansje lov om noen år håper jeg, men hadde aldri reist alene, er ikke det litt farlig?


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