In my head – Right here, right now.
January 28, 2009, 9:12 pm
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There are a lot of weird thoughts around in my mind. Like ‘What is going on right now? Right now on the other side of the world? In my neighbour’s house? In my friends head?
That is something very few of us would know exactly, because we only know what we have been told. But just think about it, what do you think is happening on the other side of the world?
The only thought you probably would come up with is I have no idea. And you can’t have any idea because everything can happen, everywhere in the world.
Maybe someone in a totally different country is thinking the exactly same thought as you do now, or at least something likely. Maybe someone it doing the exact same thing as you, at the exact same time… You never know.


Right now somebody is:
Thinking of you.
Caring for you.
Misses you.
Wants to talk to you.
wants to be with you.
Hopes that you are safe.
Thankful for your support.
Wants to hold your hand.
Wants everything to turn out all right.
Wants to make you happy.
Celebrating your success.
Wants to give you a gift.
Think you are a gift.
Loves you.
Admires you.
Thinking of you & smiles.
Wants to have your shoulder to cry on.

– Sarah


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great site!

Pingback by ;)

You are just like me. I also go around with wierd thoughts in my head, just like that one… But you are absolutly right, I just thought about it. Like what are they doing in Italy now?;O
btw, great blog:3

Comment by KSV

Søtt dikt nederst!

Comment by Heidi Elise

right now i’m loving you<3 hehe

Comment by Martine

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