To hit a woman is honestly one of the worst thing you can do.
February 20, 2009, 2:52 pm
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poor-rihanna3I honestly can’t believe Chris Brown!
A gay with that much potential in music and that much success hits his girlfriend, Rihanna. I have seen the pictures, and she looks awful just look yourself.
I can’t understand how she responded to it, and am glad that he’s in jail now.
The worst part is that Rihanna don’t want to leave him. She says that she still love him, and want to continue living with him.
I hate men that hurt women that way, and I would never take him back. Just think of the insecurity when you know that the man you love can hit you that way!

– Sarah


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Wow She’s So beautiful and can have anyone she wanted begging on thier knees./=
Chris Do You Feel Like A Man Now?
I think guys like you are so stupid!

Comment by Shayleen

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