March 3, 2009, 7:00 pm
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A well deserved holiday.
Winter vacation, here I come.
Now I’m on my way to Roldal after a great day at school, a taxi trip and stressful packing and computer time at home. Today I have sent all my applications to the schools, so now I just have to wait patiently on a great result.
Wait is something I have to do now also, because I’m sitting in a car with my family for two hours! The whole way I just listen to music and am asleep, so I can manage it.
In Roldal I’m going to be until Tuesday. It will be a relaxing trip with family and family friends, where we are going to play in the snow and have a fun time. And ofc Slalom!

Slalom day, wohoo!
This day was a so called Slalom day. Driving to Vaagsli and do slalom the whole day!

Today I wake up really early and went out skiing. I went the whole way up to the mountains at 8 am! It was so pretty; the snow and the light were so beautiful.
Just look.
It’s also Mars the first, MRs’ birthday. Hap-p-p-p-py Birthday!
Finally sixteen, how does it feel?
Today I have been out with my family skiing, then build a snow light. Cosy.

Today some of us have been on a ski trip up on a mountain. Fuun;)

Slalom! Then we are going to travel home for some lazy days there.
I love winter vacation!


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nydelige bilder!

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