What will you do with your future? –
March 16, 2009, 4:25 pm
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i275772917_39298_6To ask what I’m going to do with my future is just like asking a pig how he learned to swim; impossible. A pig can make sounds, but can’t really get you to understand anything. One minute I want one thing, and the other I don’t know…
The one thing I know is that I want to go on the media line. If I don’t get into it I’m going to cry!
But I just want to go there for one year, the next I want to spend in America.
Many have that as a crazy dream they never will complete, but that’s not me. I have already bayed brochures and searched on the web. And everyone knows I’m pretty stubborn so if I still want it, you will see me in America!
The third year I will go in Norway, on media and complete that. Then I will start to college, in England if I follow my plan. And I will of course have a great time there with jobs, apartment and friends (A)
If you read this it probably seems like I have everything planned, but that’s wrong.
How will I get into the school I want? How will I manage to get the place and go to America? What will I do there? How and where will I spend the time after? How will I come into a school in England? How will I be able to live in the Great Britain?
And the golden question, how will I be able to leave all my fantastic friends behind?
– S

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