Cousins are the best kind of family.
March 23, 2009, 7:15 pm
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This weekend I have spend with my cousin Martine in Stavanger. We did have a great time!
Friday we was out at a teen club, just hanging ;) I got to know some new people, and we was just talking and playing. On Saturday we went to the biggest shopping mall in Norway, Kvaderat! We walked around shopping, talking, trying clothes and eating ice cream.
We visited a whole lot of shops, included a really big candy store. It actually was chocolate rabbits that were up to my knee.
I walked around in high heels there for five hours! That hurt.
I did buy two singlets in really cool colours, tree pair of ear rings, boxer shorts, one white top and some make-up! In the evening we order pizza, and spent the night home alone watching a movie and talking the whole night.
Sunday we slept really long, took a face mask, watched a movie and then I had to take the bus home.
This weekand we also took a whole lot of pictures, you see a tiny taste below…
I’d really had a fantastic time. I have missed spending time with her!
Hugs –



Spring fashion update – You’re worth it!
March 12, 2009, 6:29 pm
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hm-spring-09-012Now it’s the time were there is fashion shows all around the world. There are many hundred shows, for many hundred different designers. All the fashion designers are always almost minimum a half year ahead us normal. Like now they are having shows for the fashion that will come next fall/winter. But if you isn’t a big enthusiast, you most likely haven’t watched all the shows, and doesn’t know what this seasons fashion hits are. So here is an update.

This season you can wear almost everything, but it still have to look flattering and fit. I think this is one of the few seasons you can wear what you like, and still work with the fashion. You will see a lot of flowers, but this year they are more neutral. Stripes, pattern and animal prints are also predicted to be a big hit on the streets. But the one thing you don’t get away from is the fabric, this season it’s all about the fabric. It shall work with the curves on the body, making them bigger/smaller, and mix and match.

hm-spring-09-151Another big hit is also the colours, here you have a big range; you can go from strong pink and green to so called French colours that are a bit ‘bleach’ by the sun. The high heels you buy this year should be cute pumps with open toe and you should be aware because the hats are back in fashion!

The reason that almost everything is allowed now is because of the designers. This year one designer goes for that, and one other goes for something else. It’s just not any red line that goes again and again. But that isn’t a bad thing, it just make this season special and you just can look forward to walk in the streets and see what everyone else are wearing.
But one thing, fashion isn’t a thing you have to follow. The meaning is for you to get inspiration, inspiration to find your own style by the help you get from all the shows and the designers. So now, go out there and find some inspiration. You’re worth it!



Would you wear this? – Fall fashion
February 24, 2009, 10:05 pm
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fall09In the Norwegian magazine ‘Henne’ they ask their readers if they would wear this fall 2009, and I just answer for me: hell yeah!
Would you?


Its feminine, cool and chic –
February 23, 2009, 9:17 pm
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kjoleAt today I totally fell in love with this beautiful little black dress from Traffic People. It is feminine, cool and chic, what else can you want of a dress?
At this site there are also a lot of other amazing dresses, just take a look! And don’t be surprised if you see me in one.
And just so you know, there are up to 60% discount on the clothes. At this dress there are 33% off!

Buy this seasons dress at

– Sarah


Real ladies love real shopping.
February 7, 2009, 10:16 am
Filed under: ChicDestiny, Fashion & Beauty | Tags: , , , is a unlike online store for fashionable ladies where you can find clothes, shoes, bags and accessories for a nice price. Right now they also have winter sale, and 20-60% on many clothes.
In the store they have brands like cream, kaffe, traffic people, phard, ash, anardo&skym and sonize. All brands that make a woman feel beautiful. Check it out!

trend-coatThis jacket I love. Red, fashionable and beautiful.
– 25%

kaffe-skolett003l1Love these shoes, and they are also really high fashion.
– 27%

veske001lThis purse was really cool! Routes are still in fashion these days.

– Sarah – beautiful fashion and style for ladies
January 29, 2009, 4:46 pm
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Right now there is a competition on were you by telling your friends about the site can win a gift certificate for 2000 kr. You can tell many friends, and for each friend you are getting a ticket to the competition and more chance to win.
So go to and join.
The competition last until February 30!

Kjøp dameklær fra

– Sarah

Every day is a fashion show & the world is your runway…
January 28, 2009, 4:05 pm
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model‘Hot stuff’

This season there are Pastel colours that are on top again. You will see a lot of this on the runway and the street. Other old fashion that is coming back is the ripped jeans and jeans vests. So go deeply into the closet and see if you still have yours.
One other hot thing that is specially this winter is leather tights/jeans. They are really wearable both on normal days, and party. But make sure you don’t use some that are too shiny normally, that will only look too stashed up. So I will recommend you to buy some that looks a bit more like real leather and have a natural matt colour.
Knitting jackets will you also see a lot of. There are a lot of celebrities that use it, and it will come more and more on the runway. The best thing about these jackets is that they look fashionable, and are warm!
More and more you will see that this spring also is a bit hippie inspired in the hair and make-up, so feel free!

‘Out, with a big O!’
This is the time to get your Christmas dress in the closet again and put your fancy shiny dress and tops away. You should also start using some colour in your wardrobe, and stop hiding behind all the darkness. Help the spring come even faster with using its colour! But there is one colour you should avoid, acid green!

There are is no one that follows the fashion perfectly correct, but it’s good to try and have a bit fun with it. So let the fantasy come.