Because I’m blonde you just think that I’m stupid?
March 18, 2009, 3:55 pm
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smartI colour my hair blonde – No, I’m not stupid. I just like it that way.
I love pink – No, I’m not a bimbo. It’s just a beautiful colour.
I have meanings, and are not afraid to say them out loud – No, I’m not a total bitch. I’m just like a normal person with meanings.
I care about how I dress and what brand the clothes have – No, I’m not spoiled. I just like nice clothes, and care about my appearance.
I’m not happy with my body – No, I don’t cut myself. Jut tries to make the most out of what I’ve got.
I always carry my make-up bag with me – No, I’m not a total make-up bimbo. I just care about my look.
I have my ears pierced 8 times – No, I’m not a freak. I just like earrings.
I admire Britney Spears because of all she have been trough and the fact that she is still strong and are fighting for her life and privacy.

What I’m trying to show here is: People don’t judge just based on the clothes and the make-up. Try to don’t judge anyone, because if you don’t know the m personally you have no idée of who they really are. Maybe they have several sides; maybe they are embarrassed of who they are or low spoken, even if they are trying to become someone they could be proud of. How do you think they feel when they get judge of how they look, and what clothes they wear? How would you feel?

I saw a similar post on another blog and thought, what a great post! So why don’t make my own interpretation?

Glossy, hot lips with lipgloss
March 13, 2009, 9:06 am
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lipglossLip-gloss is a thing many girls can’t live without. It sparks and give you lips a glossy look, it even , make your whole face be a little brighter and more beautiful.
It is many forms of lip-gloss to choose from; it can be completely clear, translucent, or various shades of opacity, including frosted, glittered, and metallic looks.
There is one thing about lip-gloss though, just use it on your lips! Don’t smash it around everywhere like on doors, mirrors, floors or clothes lip1because there is always someone that have to clean it up for you. And that is really hard.
Earlier this week that person was me. Guess if I am pissed on the person who did it?!
So use the lip-gloss on your lips and become beautiful, more beautiful then you are ;)


The point of lip gloss is
for someone else to take it off.

Girls can be under underestimated ♥
February 17, 2009, 8:49 pm
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cimg2142This weekend has been great!
Friday I, M, V, MR and H had a real girls sleepover party with taco, face mask, pictures, movie, candy, nails and a lot of fun. We actually fell asleep at 05:00 am, even though we all slept a bit squeezed in one bed;)
The rest of the weekend have been kind of relaxing with just pyjamas and tried eyes, but doesn’t we deserve it after that Friday?

– Sarah x.X


Every day is a fashion show & the world is your runway…
January 28, 2009, 4:05 pm
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model‘Hot stuff’

This season there are Pastel colours that are on top again. You will see a lot of this on the runway and the street. Other old fashion that is coming back is the ripped jeans and jeans vests. So go deeply into the closet and see if you still have yours.
One other hot thing that is specially this winter is leather tights/jeans. They are really wearable both on normal days, and party. But make sure you don’t use some that are too shiny normally, that will only look too stashed up. So I will recommend you to buy some that looks a bit more like real leather and have a natural matt colour.
Knitting jackets will you also see a lot of. There are a lot of celebrities that use it, and it will come more and more on the runway. The best thing about these jackets is that they look fashionable, and are warm!
More and more you will see that this spring also is a bit hippie inspired in the hair and make-up, so feel free!

‘Out, with a big O!’
This is the time to get your Christmas dress in the closet again and put your fancy shiny dress and tops away. You should also start using some colour in your wardrobe, and stop hiding behind all the darkness. Help the spring come even faster with using its colour! But there is one colour you should avoid, acid green!

There are is no one that follows the fashion perfectly correct, but it’s good to try and have a bit fun with it. So let the fantasy come.

Beauty is when you see into someone’s eyes, and see happiness.
January 9, 2009, 5:30 pm
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With eye shadow it’s really easy to miss if you don’t have any idea of what who will fit your
eyes, skin and hair.
Even if you have one that doesn’t show that much, you will notis if it does fit of not. If you do have the right eye shadow it will brighten up your eyes and give you a beautiful look.
Here is some tips about eye shadow:
If you have eyes that are green or have green tones in, you should use an earth toned shadow, like brown, beige etc. Dark purple or green can also fit perfectly.

If you have blue eyes you can use any sort of green and purple, from light to dark. Here you can also use some silver and grey.
Do you have brown eyes can you fit nearly all colours. You can just try, and then see what that fit your eyes the best.
Gold and warm colures will look really good, but you can also try colures like strong pink, green, lime or orange.


Good Luck!;)