March 3, 2009, 7:00 pm
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A well deserved holiday.
Winter vacation, here I come.
Now I’m on my way to Roldal after a great day at school, a taxi trip and stressful packing and computer time at home. Today I have sent all my applications to the schools, so now I just have to wait patiently on a great result.
Wait is something I have to do now also, because I’m sitting in a car with my family for two hours! The whole way I just listen to music and am asleep, so I can manage it.
In Roldal I’m going to be until Tuesday. It will be a relaxing trip with family and family friends, where we are going to play in the snow and have a fun time. And ofc Slalom!

Slalom day, wohoo!
This day was a so called Slalom day. Driving to Vaagsli and do slalom the whole day!

Today I wake up really early and went out skiing. I went the whole way up to the mountains at 8 am! It was so pretty; the snow and the light were so beautiful.
Just look.
It’s also Mars the first, MRs’ birthday. Hap-p-p-p-py Birthday!
Finally sixteen, how does it feel?
Today I have been out with my family skiing, then build a snow light. Cosy.

Today some of us have been on a ski trip up on a mountain. Fuun;)

Slalom! Then we are going to travel home for some lazy days there.
I love winter vacation!



I have met a ghost!
February 11, 2009, 8:53 pm
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cimg1969Today I and M had kind of a discovery travel. We decided to try out our skis! The only problem was that neither one of us quietly knew how to do it. But we tried a bit, and after some time we got it right.
We went around a bit, up and down hills, and then decided to go over to our neighbour village 5 min away.
On our way we seriously met ghost/spirits. We took some pictures, and on the pictures there were these scary smoke likely things!
On our whole trip we used more than two hours, maybe that wasn’t the best way to go?