Every day is a fashion show & the world is your runway…
January 28, 2009, 4:05 pm
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model‘Hot stuff’

This season there are Pastel colours that are on top again. You will see a lot of this on the runway and the street. Other old fashion that is coming back is the ripped jeans and jeans vests. So go deeply into the closet and see if you still have yours.
One other hot thing that is specially this winter is leather tights/jeans. They are really wearable both on normal days, and party. But make sure you don’t use some that are too shiny normally, that will only look too stashed up. So I will recommend you to buy some that looks a bit more like real leather and have a natural matt colour.
Knitting jackets will you also see a lot of. There are a lot of celebrities that use it, and it will come more and more on the runway. The best thing about these jackets is that they look fashionable, and are warm!
More and more you will see that this spring also is a bit hippie inspired in the hair and make-up, so feel free!

‘Out, with a big O!’
This is the time to get your Christmas dress in the closet again and put your fancy shiny dress and tops away. You should also start using some colour in your wardrobe, and stop hiding behind all the darkness. Help the spring come even faster with using its colour! But there is one colour you should avoid, acid green!

There are is no one that follows the fashion perfectly correct, but it’s good to try and have a bit fun with it. So let the fantasy come.


Orange, the new black?
January 10, 2009, 1:36 am
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Bright orange seems to become a really big colour this year. You will see it in a lot of stores and on a lot of people.
I’m one of those who never have liked the orange colour, but maybe I will change my mind now?