September 29, 2008, 7:45 pm
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Now it is a really long time since I have wrote something, over a week. It’s because of my computer, it just fucks itself up! Sucker thing! But now are I’m back again, on wordpress now^^ I deleted my other page.
Last week I have been to Stord once, there I and H was baying kebab. I have also been to a mountain trip on Wednesday; I thought it was going to be so boring. But when I came to the top it was the best: D Up to the top I walked with one of my best friends M, we two are the best when it comes to mountains. We have walked so many times together, and she makes all the trips fun!
Other than I hav
e had visit of one of my oldest friends Mon Friday, we haven’t talked in a long time so that’s was fun^^ we dressed us all up, and went to ‘Ten-lag’ That is a local arrangement for teens there both of us are members of the board. We are helping with activities and stuff. After most of the people there was went home I and H walked to ‘Moster’ in really high killing heals. Just some steps it those heals and your legs are hurting. And in exactly those heels I walked over 5km! OMG!
On Saturday I was babysitting at my aunt’s place. Those kids are so cute, so that isn’t a problem. Sunday I and my family went to HGSD and picked up mom, and did some fun stuff. I got new DC shoes, and I love them<3

Yesterday I was at school, boring. We went to ‘Bremnes’ and watched some short movies, most of them was really boring, but some funny. When we came home I went to M’s place. We have it so great together, but now he always is with his girlfriend. But I’m going to make him to be with me too sometimes^^ after a while we got a visit from T, and the three of us went to a game. Our team won 3-1: D
And today I just have a chilling day. Just chill all day long, everybody need some days like that sometimes ;)


September 26, 2008, 10:19 pm
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Oh, now it’s a long time since I last write. So today I decided to do it. I read my friend H’s blog for a few days ago and it really gets me. What is my goal? And are I a dreamer?
Yes! Sarah is really a dreamer, there I said it. I’m a dreamer.
I dream of all sorts of things, friendship, family and even clothes sometimes, but most life, my life and how it going to be. In the feature I see myself as a career woman, with a beautiful husband and kids, and a big house near the city.
If it goes after this dream of mine, my real life will start next year, when I begin at media and communication. There I will spend three wonderful years of my life, with my best friend H I hope. The next things I dream about are traveling to England and go to a university there. Maybe in London, Oxford of Brighton, who knows? And in all these time I’m going to find my prince, and hopefully get married. In some while maybe some kids too, but that is a long time to.
I also hope to travel a
lot around the world in my life, see the world you know. Maybe to New York, Milan, Paris, Cuba, L.A, but my highest dream in life is to do the things I love. A great career in a known magazine maybe, backstage in a show at the television, in a newspaper or maybe on line at a web page, the only thing I know is that I want to work in the media and have a job I can have it fun with. Other than that my main goal is to have a great and good life. I’m going to chase my goal into I reach it. I hope my destiny is the same as my dream, I hope is it going to work it that way. In all these years one of the things I hope the most for is to stay in touch with my friends, I love them so much. They and my family mean the world to me right now, and how I’m going to reach my dreams and goals without them? I have no idea.
I’m going to set up a list of important things that is important for my life. Here is the things I’m going to do this and next year, at least the things I know:

Get great grades

Get good mock exam result

Apply to high school

Get really good exam results


Language travel to England with H<3

Begin at my new school

So this is those things I’m going to spend my life on these next months, at least the school stuff.
Other than that I’m going to spend time with my friends and do fun stuff, you know my 15th birthday is soon coming up. And about that, we are going to see ‘Fritt Vilt2’ at bomlo kulturhus at 20:30pm. Looking forward to: D

Today at school we have sold pizza, I and H are the leaders. It went pretty good, other than we had a few pizzas left… but we are going to sell that too some time, so watch out^^
I have to recommend a song to you, Noddy Theme^^ It is really good, and it just sticks to your head.

“Noddy (noddy), the little men with a red and yellow car…”

Emergency exit
September 21, 2008, 11:16 pm
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Great concert last night! ‘Nødutgang’ is the name of the band, translated emergency exit. The vocals actually are kind of like Bradley Arnold, the vocals in 3 doors down. They are really good to be a local band! I love their song ‘Maria’ it’s the best ;)

Listen to them here:

After the concert I and H went to my place and watched a movie called The Amityville of Horror. It was really scary; we have to turn on the light! But it was really good too, I love scary movies. I haven’t seen one in a while, just girly movies for me ;)
Today I have just chilled and been in a family birthday. We seriously have one every weekend! And they are so boring. I haven’t anyone at my age there, it sucks. But fortunately we came home to ‘Robinson’, so I have to go see it now! It is so fun!

September 20, 2008, 7:14 pm
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Today I have seen the new teen movie, Wild Child. I hoped to wait to it came on the cinema so I could see it there with my friends, but is comes so late her! Almost two months after other places. But the movie was pretty good, but not as good as I have hoped. It was about the Sixteen-year-old Poppy Moore (Emma Roberts) who always got what she wanted and lived a pampered life in her L.A. world. Though she always did something bad, Poppy cudent escape the mounting frustration she feels with her family situation and she did make sure everyone knows that. After an over-the-top prank pushes her father (Aidan Quinn) one step too far, Poppy is shipped off to an English boarding school in England.
Finding herself in a foreign world of early curfews, stern matrons, and mandatory lacrosse, the United States American princess has finally met her match: school of British girls who won’t tolerate her rebellious ways. Under the watchful eye of the school’s headmistress (Natasha Richardson) and surrounded by a new circle of friends (Josie, Kate, Kiki & Drippy), Poppy begrudgingly realises her bad-girl behaviour will only get her so far. But just because she must grow into a fine young lady doesn’t mean this Wild Child won’t be spending every waking hour shaking up a very proper system. Poppy Moore starts Abbey Mount as she means to go on-her way, or no way. And so on… ;)
The movie was really ok, but I just saw it on the computer. I will go to the cinema and see it there too, maybe it’s better there

Later to night I, H and M are going to a concert with the local band ‘Nødutgang’. Hope it will be good ;) And after that we are going to my place and watch a movie. I hope it will be a scary one, I love them. So funny.
Yesterday we were at a place called ‘Stord’, and ate kebab. It was fun, and in the kebab place it is a really cute boy. After we have eaten we went to the mall, and walked around. I didn’t bay so much, just gum, coke and kebab of curse. M bayed more, she bay a pair really cool shoes, some make-up and stuff. Later we took the bus home, and walked to ‘Moster’. A really long walk, but its fun when you walk it with friends ;) We went to ‘Sion’, but it was just boring and lame people there because it was so early. Instead we went to M’s place and watched a movie called ‘We own the night’. It was really good! It was about two brothers, one owned a night club and the other one was police. It was some about drugs. The brother with the night club had a guest that sell drugs, and the brother who was police waned to take the drug dealer to custody… And so on. The sad thing was that the father died, and because of that the other brother also became a police, and they did catch the drug dealer.
After we had seen the whole movie I and H went to ‘Sion’ again. Now it had come much more people there. We didn’t stay long; my dad came and picked us up. We went home and go to bed^^
But enough about yesterday. Today it today ;) So now I going to go and make dinner.

Today’s song is Gabriella Cilmi – Sweet About Me
Radio ‘Sunhordland’
“If there’s lessons to be learned, I’d rather get my jamming words in first so, tell you something that I’ve found, that the worlds a better place when it’s upside down boy.”

September 18, 2008, 11:11 am
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I’m so tired today! I have no idea why. I have gone to bed early every day this week, and not get up so early… but hope it goes over.
In school it was so boring. We didn’t do anything useful. The only thing I and H actually did all day was a bit Spanish and got some help from our Spanish teacher. She is actually okey, but is really bad to teach other the thing she can, and she just care to much to be a teacher. Yesterday did M leave to some place near Oslo, where her grandmother lives. She have her 70 birthday this year, so M and her family are there to celebrate. When M is away it is more boring at school than it’s used to. Suck.
When I came home from school today I took some food, and went to my room and the computer. I watched a movie, and fell asleep. I’m so sleepy.
I also checked out some things about DC shoes. They are just the best and coolest shoes ever! And I’m getting a new pair I have one pair of white with pink on, and these I’m going to bay is black and white. The only thing is that the page I found them on doesn’t sell things to people outside the US, but now I have found a new site that does! So I’m very happy: D Soon I’m going to bay them.
Now I have to go^^ I shall actually sew something on one of my tees.
See ya.

Chill and Watch
September 17, 2008, 5:19 pm
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Hello! Today I have chilled all day long ;) Watching movies and cleaning my room. So now u got to know what happened^^
Gossip Girl S2E3:
It’s a lot of love going on! N and V got back together, S and D are showing their love in public, B and the lord are having a great time, and C are getting jealous. How it going to be?
Yes, with N and V it’s ok. The only thing is that when they r going to meet he never can, and in the party B is having, she invited N, V and D. D is the married woman N is having an afear with. This is totally not good when both of the woman shows up, and find out about each other. But in the end N doesn’t have a choice, because D tells V that if N leaves her, she will tell the FBI about his father. So V decided to leave, so N and D could be together. But in the end, who is he going to end up with?
And S and D that just have came back together are getting a lots of advarsla from people that r thinking they are getting back together a bit soon, and r they?
They both love each other, but are they going to sort out their difficulties? We’ll get to see.
B and the lord are having time, but is B getting all she wants? She is trying to get it, but then she ends up with making out with C. He is not over her yet. When that happened the lord came into the room and saw them. B ran after him and they seemed cool, but are it going to last? And this is bad for C, is he going to make it? And who is that girl in the end?
Well we got to see,

I also saw OTH S6E3 today there it was so sad! It was about Q death and funeral, all the people that was sad for him and all the things around it. I dared all are going to cry! I surtenly did. But you have to see for yourself.
I recommend it!
And I also recommend 90210, it’s the best!

Home Sweet Home
September 15, 2008, 4:06 pm
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Yesterday I and H came home from the camp at ‘Solgry’. We had a fantastic weekend! So many new people and lots of fun! The only bad thing was the leaders, they was so hard. We hadn’t allowed doing anything after midnight… But the first night we don’t listened, first we dyed our friend’s hair. It turned out really nice! And after we ran out, and met people. But later the leaders came and run after us, they got really mad.
The next night we actually slept all night, no one dared to go out.
In the days it was a lot of activities to do like go-carts, canoe, golf, trampoline, volleyball and much more. It was so fun!
I and H are so going to another of these camps! :D

Today I have been at school. So boring, nothing ever happens. We even had Spanish! But after school me and my friend M ran home, grabbed our bags and take a bike to the bus that goes to Stord. There we meet H that just had had her hair cut. It looked a bit short, but cool. She didn’t like it, but she are going tot used to it :) When we had met her we went to a really good kebab place. I love kebab! It’s so good.
After we had eaten we went to lots of shops and bay some stuff. I’d bay an Isadora mineral powder and a body lotion that was a mistake. I thought it was perfume, and I don’t get to change it. Hate that woman!
But after all we had a pretty great time, did lots of fun stuff. Hope we going to do it again sometime! Me M and H=D

Tonight at TV I going to see Top Model! Looking forward:))