Every story has an end…
April 14, 2009, 12:38 am
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… but in life, every end is a new beginning.

i188168807_38708_6Now the vacation is over, and I’m going back at school. Lame.
After this wonderful relaxing and enjoyable vacation, I can’t wait for a longer one this summer. That’s going to be the best thing of the year!



Easter eggs and babysitting –
April 10, 2009, 11:02 pm
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Lately there hasn’t been much time for updating, simply because its vacation and I have a lot of things to do. Now M and V have left me and H, so we have made plans for every night. So far we have been babysitting, shopped, bought Easter eggs, had girls nights, embarrassed our self’s, ate on dolly dimples ++ and still we have a lot of fun on our schedule!

Love S.

I’m going to spare the time for a real updating soon.

My day –
April 2, 2009, 9:00 pm
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workEnglish mock exam is fun. We had one today, and it went ok I think. I did write a detective novel! (Surprise)
At home today I have just been doing homework, and now I’m going to lie down and watch PH on web-TV ;)

Sweet dreams.
– S

SHVM – A party that never ends
March 31, 2009, 8:35 pm
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bremsenes-3103Bremnes with SHVM today, fuun! Pasta Bolognese and baked potato on Jafs, an hour on Cubus, try clothes and buying ‘Grise flax’.
Of course I had to take pictures, love it ;)
Now I have just seen PH, and you will never guess who came back.
You sure know there was rumours about an old guest was coming back, then of course I hoped Mats. But this time it was Nanna! Good for her, but for the rest of the group? I just hope she have stoped the crying.

– S

March 30, 2009, 4:59 pm
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Today I’m going to have a massive update, haven’t written in ages!
I can start with last week. Monday and Thursday there was just school in my mind, but surprisingly I didn’t do anything. Wednesday I, M, V and H had a great time walking to the local food store. On our way we were collecting bottles, and that way we could afford Dream ice cream with 25 forks.
So we sat down and ate from the box all four of us. After that we went to H’s place and watched some different shows, had a really great workout and took some pictures, all this with popcorn in our lap.
Thursday I had to pack and study to a English test we was going to have on Friday. So on Friday I went to school, study, took the test, went home, found my suitcase and went on a travel to ‘Haukelifjell’.
There I have spent my whole weekend with a group of people. I and M have used the whole time sleeping, talking and doing slalom! My back and neck can’t spend one more day on the mountain.
Today we have had a math tryout exam, then chilling at home with music. How good can it be?


Picture from our Ice cream trip.


Weekend travel –
March 20, 2009, 3:00 pm
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i222502013_50795_7Today I’m going to take the bus to Stavanger, to visit my cousin. I’m so excited; we are going to have so much fun! We are probably watching movies, shop, laugh and have a great time.
So this weekend I’m not going to be able to blog that much, so see you on Sunday.


What will you do with your future? –
March 16, 2009, 4:25 pm
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i275772917_39298_6To ask what I’m going to do with my future is just like asking a pig how he learned to swim; impossible. A pig can make sounds, but can’t really get you to understand anything. One minute I want one thing, and the other I don’t know…
The one thing I know is that I want to go on the media line. If I don’t get into it I’m going to cry!
But I just want to go there for one year, the next I want to spend in America.
Many have that as a crazy dream they never will complete, but that’s not me. I have already bayed brochures and searched on the web. And everyone knows I’m pretty stubborn so if I still want it, you will see me in America!
The third year I will go in Norway, on media and complete that. Then I will start to college, in England if I follow my plan. And I will of course have a great time there with jobs, apartment and friends (A)
If you read this it probably seems like I have everything planned, but that’s wrong.
How will I get into the school I want? How will I manage to get the place and go to America? What will I do there? How and where will I spend the time after? How will I come into a school in England? How will I be able to live in the Great Britain?
And the golden question, how will I be able to leave all my fantastic friends behind?
– S