Watch out cinema.
March 30, 2009, 5:50 pm
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kiss2I really have to go to the cinema soon! Cuz’ I have a whole bunch of movies I want to see like Benjamin Button, the norwegian movie skjult(comes in april) and Confessions of a shopaholic. The last one is one I absolutley can’t miss, so I’m going to drag my friends to the movie with me! Good luck guys;)

Check out the picture. Poor man;)


Late. Late. Late.
March 30, 2009, 5:27 pm
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ggp_1280x1024Now the show 90210 are coming to Norway! But not before this fall.
I can’t belive it. I have watched that show since last fall, and now its coming to Norway. One whole year after america.
I can’t see there is a point, thows who really want to see it already has.

It’s the same about Gossip Girl. Now there is episodes on TV that I have seein i November last year.
I hope Norwegian TV soon will figure that out, and just pay a little more for the shows. It’s that way they get viewers.


Summer – hurry your ass up
March 17, 2009, 8:49 pm
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I’m so looking forward to the summer 2009. It is going to be so over the top! First we all are going to different vacations; I’m going to England for three weeks. Then I and my friends have all sorts of great plans like sailing trips, boat rides, tent trips, sleepover, water skiing and so much more.
I want the summer to come now!


What will you do with your future? –
March 16, 2009, 4:25 pm
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i275772917_39298_6To ask what I’m going to do with my future is just like asking a pig how he learned to swim; impossible. A pig can make sounds, but can’t really get you to understand anything. One minute I want one thing, and the other I don’t know…
The one thing I know is that I want to go on the media line. If I don’t get into it I’m going to cry!
But I just want to go there for one year, the next I want to spend in America.
Many have that as a crazy dream they never will complete, but that’s not me. I have already bayed brochures and searched on the web. And everyone knows I’m pretty stubborn so if I still want it, you will see me in America!
The third year I will go in Norway, on media and complete that. Then I will start to college, in England if I follow my plan. And I will of course have a great time there with jobs, apartment and friends (A)
If you read this it probably seems like I have everything planned, but that’s wrong.
How will I get into the school I want? How will I manage to get the place and go to America? What will I do there? How and where will I spend the time after? How will I come into a school in England? How will I be able to live in the Great Britain?
And the golden question, how will I be able to leave all my fantastic friends behind?
– S

The melody that plays in my head all time.
March 15, 2009, 7:48 pm
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Finally I have found the song, the song that have been stuck on my mind for days now. The song is Swingfly – Sing that melody, beautiful.

There’s a melody that plays in my head all time
It sounds so damn good, really really damn good,
Really really damn good, pretty damn good, come on!



Glossy, hot lips with lipgloss
March 13, 2009, 9:06 am
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lipglossLip-gloss is a thing many girls can’t live without. It sparks and give you lips a glossy look, it even , make your whole face be a little brighter and more beautiful.
It is many forms of lip-gloss to choose from; it can be completely clear, translucent, or various shades of opacity, including frosted, glittered, and metallic looks.
There is one thing about lip-gloss though, just use it on your lips! Don’t smash it around everywhere like on doors, mirrors, floors or clothes lip1because there is always someone that have to clean it up for you. And that is really hard.
Earlier this week that person was me. Guess if I am pissed on the person who did it?!
So use the lip-gloss on your lips and become beautiful, more beautiful then you are ;)


The point of lip gloss is
for someone else to take it off.

Destiny –
March 4, 2009, 8:41 pm
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i132362549_45727_3The word destiny, what does it mean?
That each person has a destiny? That life is just a toy world for God where everything is planned, and you are just living in it?
When you think about it, do you actually know what destiny means?
I think the word destiny is a word you can decide a meaning of for yourself. For me I think the meaning is that there is a way for every person, a way where you can choose the things you want and in that way make your own destiny. Your own way of living your life, a way that is special for you.
What do you think of the word ‘destiny’?