Spring fashion update – You’re worth it!
March 12, 2009, 6:29 pm
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hm-spring-09-012Now it’s the time were there is fashion shows all around the world. There are many hundred shows, for many hundred different designers. All the fashion designers are always almost minimum a half year ahead us normal. Like now they are having shows for the fashion that will come next fall/winter. But if you isn’t a big enthusiast, you most likely haven’t watched all the shows, and doesn’t know what this seasons fashion hits are. So here is an update.

This season you can wear almost everything, but it still have to look flattering and fit. I think this is one of the few seasons you can wear what you like, and still work with the fashion. You will see a lot of flowers, but this year they are more neutral. Stripes, pattern and animal prints are also predicted to be a big hit on the streets. But the one thing you don’t get away from is the fabric, this season it’s all about the fabric. It shall work with the curves on the body, making them bigger/smaller, and mix and match.

hm-spring-09-151Another big hit is also the colours, here you have a big range; you can go from strong pink and green to so called French colours that are a bit ‘bleach’ by the sun. The high heels you buy this year should be cute pumps with open toe and you should be aware because the hats are back in fashion!

The reason that almost everything is allowed now is because of the designers. This year one designer goes for that, and one other goes for something else. It’s just not any red line that goes again and again. But that isn’t a bad thing, it just make this season special and you just can look forward to walk in the streets and see what everyone else are wearing.
But one thing, fashion isn’t a thing you have to follow. The meaning is for you to get inspiration, inspiration to find your own style by the help you get from all the shows and the designers. So now, go out there and find some inspiration. You’re worth it!




Its feminine, cool and chic –
February 23, 2009, 9:17 pm
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kjoleAt today I totally fell in love with this beautiful little black dress from Traffic People. It is feminine, cool and chic, what else can you want of a dress?
At this site there are also a lot of other amazing dresses, just take a look! And don’t be surprised if you see me in one.
And just so you know, there are up to 60% discount on the clothes. At this dress there are 33% off!

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– Sarah


Lindsay Lohan – the new face of Fornarina
February 5, 2009, 7:27 pm
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Lindsay Lohan is the new face of Fornarina for spring 2009. Fornarina is a Italian clothing line for young ladies.
The line has a lot of cool and beautiful clothes, from cute chic tops to serious job jackets.